GTSF Frequently Asked Questions

We are painfully aware that the current economy is creating significant challenges for many families, and while we wish we could respond to each request for assistance, we simply don’t have the resources to do so. Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for more detailed information about our programming.

GTSF rarely accepts referrals from individuals, and we don’t typically outfit individual children or families. Instead, we work directly with other nonprofit groups, social services agencies, school counselors, principals and the CCSD partnership office to identify large organized groups of children and/or schools, which would benefit most from our large-scale shoe distribution events. We recommend reaching out to your child’s school counselor or principal to determine if any school-based resources for individuals might be available to you.

To participate in GTSF school programming, children must be enrolled in the Clark County School District, in grades K through 12th grade, and participating in the Federal Free- or Reduced-Lunch Program.

GTSF never selects the children whom participate in our large-scale, scheduled shoe distribution events. Our partnering schools and/or agencies (administrators, teachers, counselors, and principals) are responsible for selecting the qualifying children at their location whom they deem to be most in need of our services at the time of distribution.

Each school year, GTSF identifies 25+ Title I , Tier 1 schools in our District with significant populations of children in need of our resources. We then work with each selected campus to coordinate a one-day, on-site visit by our 48’ mobile shoe-store-on-wheels to outfit 400 of their most in-need students with new shoes and socks. GTSF strives to outfit more than 10,000 of our community’s most critical-needs students each school year. Our programming typically books more than six months in advance.

In addition, each distribution often has monetary considerations which need to be taken into account. While we write grants and continually seek support for our programs, we often ask requesting schools/organizations to think about how they might help us offset our costs in implementing an event at their location. The cost of GTSF outfitting children on site with new shoes and socks is approximately $25 per participant, or $2500 per 100.

In the event, a school doesn’t have a willing business partner or supporter able to assist in covering the costs of our programming or off-setting the expenses, GTSF will review a requesting school’s population and demographics to determine eligibility. If approved for programming, the school is then placed on our waiting list of schools to be served. GTSF then financially advocates on the school’s or organization’s behalf. As we secure grants and funding, we apply them to the wait-listed schools and place those schools on the distribution schedule. The number of schools served is directly impacted by the funding we receive.

GTSF is always eager to introduce new groups to what we do best — provide children in need with new shoes and socks! Please call our offices to discuss how we might best all work together to benefit the children at your school.

GTSF continually has volunteer opportunities available to individuals and groups! Each of our many shoe distribution events is staffed by caring volunteers whom assist the participating children as they select a properly fitting pair of shoes, and complete the GTSF distribution process. Please note that as a general rule, GTSF does not have volunteer opportunities for minors under the age of 13, even when accompanied by an adult. Minors age 13-17, accompanied by an adult, may volunteer but are restricted to non peer-to-peer activities only such as assisting with socks, bagging, dental kit distribution etc…. GTSF NEVER accepts volunteers fulfilling court-ordered community service.

GTSF typically hosts two to four shoe distribution events per month, during the calendar school year. Our events are held OUTDOORS and we rarely cancel in the event of inclement weather; the children are just too excited and our calendar of events is scheduled six-months in advance without an opportunity for a make-up day. Volunteers need to dress for the weather and are expected to support the event regardless of the conditions. In addition, GTSF shoe distribution events are quite ACTIVE requiring extended periods of standing, bending and/or kneeling. If you have any physical limitations which would preclude you from ACTIVELY standing, bending, kneeling or working with your hands for extended periods of time, we suggest you consider volunteering for GTSF in another capacity.

All individual volunteer registration with our organization is done through a digital portal which is featured in each volunteer call email.

The best way to volunteer is to JOIN OUR CONTACT LIST by adding your email address. You will then be prompted to note your preferences for the types of GTSF information you’d like to receive. Simply mark volunteer opportunities and you will then receive our volunteer calls via email. If you wish to participate and meet the specified details for each event, then follow the link to register as a volunteer for that particular event. If you are unavailable or uninterested, simply ignore the email. You may unsubscribe at any time by simply hitting the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any GTSF email.

Please note: Parents are NOT permitted to volunteer for an event in which their child is a participant.

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