Interested in Volunteering?

GTSF Volunteer Guidelines:

GTSF continually has volunteer opportunities available to our community partners! Each of our many shoe distribution events is staffed by caring volunteers who assist the participating children as they select a properly fitting pair of shoes and complete the GTSF distribution process. We’re always eager to introduce new groups to what we do best — provide children in need with new shoes and socks!

GTSF shoe distribution events are held OUTDOORS regardless of heat, wind, rain or cold. Distributions are also ACTIVE, PHYSICALLY-DEMANDING events requiring extended periods of standing, bending and kneeling! All volunteers must meet these physical requirements without limitation. There are NO “sit-down” opportunities. Volunteers must dress appropriately for the activity (NO open-toed shoes) and the weather!

Please note that as a general rule, GTSF does not have volunteer opportunities for minors under the age of 13, even when accompanied by an adult. Minors age 13-17, accompanied by an adult, may volunteer but are restricted to non peer-to-peer activities only such as assisting with socks, bagging, dental kit distribution etc…. GTSF never accepts volunteers fulfilling court-ordered community service.

GTSF Volunteer Opportunities:

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Goodie Two Shoes Foundation. GTSF typically hosts two to four distribution events per month during the calendar school year. All individual volunteer registration with our organization is done through a digital portal which is featured in each volunteer call email.

The best way to volunteer is to “JOIN OUR CONTACT LIST” by simply adding your email address. You will then be prompted to note your preferences for the types of GTSF information you’d like to receive. Simply mark volunteer opportunities and you will then receive our volunteer calls via email. If you wish to participate and meet the specified details for each event, then follow the link to register as a volunteer for that particular event. If you are unavailable or uninterested, simply ignore the email. You may unsubscribe at any time by simply hitting the unsubscribe button at the bottom of our emails.

Cancellation Policy

Our volunteer numbers are quite precise, and we rely on our volunteers to staff our distribution events, and contribute to the efficiency of our programming. Individuals are required to provide at least 24-hours-notice when cancelling their volunteer commitment. Individuals are allowed three cancellations within the school year (August – May). After the third cancellation, individuals will no longer be permitted to register as a volunteer with GTSF.

No-Show Policy

Registered volunteers who cancel within 24 hours of an event as well as volunteers whom fail to show for their scheduled volunteer commitment will be deemed a “no-show volunteer.” Individuals who no-show twice within the school year (August – May), will no longer be permitted to register as a volunteer with GTSF.

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